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‘It’s definitely worth at least a million’ – Quoted in Article

Will new rules really prevent real estate agents from acting unethically? The real estate business is a funny one, and sometimes an easy (and deserving!) target. In November this year I will be celebrating 10 years in Commercial Sales &

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What I’d Buy With $1 Million – Quoted in Article

Recently I was interviewed by Australia’s largest real estate portal on what I’d buy with $1 million… After running wild with a few dream scenario’s 🙂 🙂 I got serious and thought about what I know, and what would make a good

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Migrating From a Home Office to Dedicated Workspace

Enquiries often come in from home/small business and start-ups. The usual story is that at home the space is too small, and largely because it’s unproductive (bodies running around, dog, chores,etc.!) Here’s another aspect from a recent article below that may

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Vanilla Pod Gourmet Cakes

I was delighted to help the Carla & Scott with their new Albion venture recently – just because I share their passion for food and can attest to the quality of the items they produce, which is top notch!

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Twitter Cards – A New Way to Interact

This is something you should explore if you are a heavy Twitter user, or looking for different ways to engage as a person or business. As explained by Twitter:

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Google Inside Maps, Easy Shop Navigation..

Further to Google’s inside street view, you can now get directions around say, Ikea, or Westfield Chermside on your phone – nice. I’d imagine targeted advertising will come but it’s handy and free for the moment! See if your local

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This Agent Keeps Hassling Me!

The call starts something like this: Me – “Hi, Super Agent Thor here, did you like X we saw? Be good to know,etc.” (To a prospect’s Voicemail)

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iPhone App Review – Photosynth from Microsoft

Real Estate marketing ads can generate a call or full view (on a website), just from having a great picture.

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Start 2013 Update

It is interesting to be “ear to the ground” of businesses when dealing with people and their commercial sales and leasing needs. So, a summary of things and chats with people so far:

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Enter a New Player in Ascot & Hamilton Residential Property

Agent Mikki Finlay. Source: WEBSITE: PROPERTY Prestigious Racecourse Rd, (Ascot end) is a new home to McGrath. This area is populated with designer boutiques and services catering to the ‘upmarket’ suburbs of Hamilton, Ascot, Clayfield and surrounds.

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