O’Connor’s Traditional Fish and Chips

WEBSITE: www.celtickoala.com.au

SOCIAL MEDIA: www.facebook.com/OConnors-Traditional-Fish-Chips

Located in a strip shop on busy Lutwyche Rd, the centre has evolved to be a food hub and provides a lot of car parking which is a bonus!

Complete with fish tanks and a very Irish green appearance, the shop caters for take away and dining in.

Bubbly Irish expat Liz has created a shop with her partner Chris that caters for all their fellow Irish folk!

Coffee & Food.

There are some very guilty pleasures here that taste great – try their cod with a side of traditional chips with a garlic (Gaelic!) and cheese topping. Or even the more ‘simple’ panini’s are good.


Recently Featured in the Courier Mail – click for a larger version:
Courier Mail Article O'Conner's Traditional Fish and Chips 17.11.2011

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