This Agent Keeps Hassling Me!

Calling for business

The call starts something like this:

Me – “Hi, Super Agent Thor here, did you like X we saw? Be good to know,etc.” (To a prospect’s Voicemail)

Or if speaking to them they may say – “Ah, not sure at the moment, gotta go, chat later,etc.”

– Call Ends –

..Rinse and repeat the above except via email..

So, what happens next? There’s no response in a reasonable time frame, thus I checking back again!

Riddle me this, is this were real estate agents get a bad name? Are we asking too, much too often?

For me, I simply want to get an idea so;

  • I can propose alternatives based on feedback
  • I can facilitate a deal as easily as possible (you’re the one that said you needed it ASAP!)
  • I don’t lose you, and can be the one that does the deal (not unreasonable to want a return on my time investment right!?)
  • Strike you off my list and move on

So perhaps it comes down to how often is reasonable to check in with someone –

Need it “Now” = once a week, soon/in the next 2 months = every 1-2 weeks?

Curious as to what you all have to say out there.. Why don’t you respond?! 🙂

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  1. barrettjason says:

    What a great post! Must be very frustrating for the agent, who as you said just needs the feedback. Way back when I was taught my agency (had great teachers, but not sure I was a good student at the time though) there were far fewer communication media – no individual emails, mobiles were expensive, no such thing as social media – and so there was a big investment of time and effort to follow up a prospective buyer or lessee.

    To keep costs down and fees up, we spent our valuable communications time keeping in touch with vendors / lessors. Buyers / lessees were generally provided details in a brief call they made to us, with further information available at the inspection after they had qualified themselves. There was nothing further expected and very little followup.

    I am not sure with all these new media whether agents are any more productive? . Deals got done in the “old days” – and not that long ago – by regularly inspecting our stock of listings and maintaining closer contact with our vendors than the competition. Not sure that much has changed, there are certainly more distractions around nowadays though.

    Suggest you look up Duke Long from Colliers in the US. He’s a great read / follow.

    All the best,

    • Thor says:

      Thanks for the comment Jason – there’s certainly a plethora of medium to keep us entertained, engaged, and distracted.

      Interesting how the focus perhaps has swung to both parties in a transaction vs. just a Lessor – I/we see it as an important level of service to ‘care’ about the needs of both sides who make up a deal.

      And yep, I am a fan of the DL rants!

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