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There are now so many podcasts – this new(ish) way to digest information has exploded, such that it’s almost overwhelming with the little time we all have these days.

The best part is that you can learn anywhere, anytime, and all for free.

Touching on a podcast that perhaps receives less attention is one on how business people have succeeded. All in small bite size summaries (i.e. they are giving you the best of Wikipedia).

The tip from the successful Cathy in this one below is related to real estate; where a landlords/managers frustration is touched on – communication. She emphasises how important it was to keep checking in, even when her news was bad. This is one of many great tips.

Have a listen:

104: EventBrite : Julia Hartz – From a 9-5 job to a multi-millionaire founder How They Made their Millions

Julia Hartz never had an intention to start a business nor had any knowledge of the tech world. But she was pulled into it by accident, and she and her husband Kevin started EventBrite and took it to a billion-dollar company.
  1. 104: EventBrite : Julia Hartz – From a 9-5 job to a multi-millionaire founder
  2. 103: Radio One – Cathy Hughes – A poor girl with no resources to a Multi-millionaire media icon
  3. 102: Ring: Jamie Siminoff – From a back-to-back failure to a multi-millionaire
  4. 101: Dr. Bronner’s – Emil Bronner : From an Asylum inmate to a multi-millionaire
  5. 100: Andrew Carnegie – A poor boy earning $1.20 a week to a billionaire
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