PROPERTY: 123 Charlotte St, Brisbane (Lucky me, I had the opportunity to help the PT’s Inspire Wellness in the lower ground, Carter Capner on the upper ground, and Apartment here on L1)

A 1913 heritage property, formerly a hardware store (back when a horse and cart used to go past the front door) well above the high tide mark on the wall of their previous shop.

In this red brick property, the guys have gone for a minimalist look which reflects their target market and products – it’s a large format open plan space with high ceilings and polished timber floors. Level 1 position adds to their exclusiveness.

They have nick knacks in the centre and clothes around the perimeter.


2 brothers teamed up many a year ago, and in 2006 to established Apartment’s first store.

And they really know their stuff… After all, this is what they’ve always been doing.


Boutique menswear – clothes, shoes, fashion accessories (bags, belts, hair wax and more), and associated magazines,etc.

APC? The brands stocked you may have never heard of (a number from Japan), and that’s exactly why you should go there.



You can’t rent a room here, but you will definitely find some cool clothes. Apartment is one of Brisbane’s premier menswear boutiques offering a space that houses some of the world’s most sought after brands including A.P.C. and Play by Commes des Garcon.

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