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BEAN HUNTER: Rated 8.4 (3 Reviews), visit the Bean Hunter’s article

93 Vulture St, West End (next to Trash Bar)

1 of 2 small shops on Vulture St , just a short walk from  Boundary, it has the in-colour dark/charcoal exterior, and a mix of timbers and random artifacts inside.

Front t/a coffee, remote work space in the middle with desks and computers setup, and a rear meeting room.

Cleaver use of Ideapaint in the meeting room allowing people to doodle on the walls and wipe it back off.

Brainchild of a Canadian expat Dahlia. Her work in creative industry established the necessity of a remote-working option in the area.

Coffee, remote work space, meeting/conference room.

PRESS:’s article 1st November 2011.

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