Doing Deals Around Christmas

Real estate is not alone in being caught up in Christmas party fever!

Whilst some prefer to hop between Christmas parties, others are still ‘nose to the grindstone’ working hard (yours truly included!).

Some insight and notes on how to approach this period from both sides are below.

Market conditions over this period include:

For Prospective Tenants & Purchasers

  • Property owners sometimes hard to contact or communications¬†funnelled¬†through a 3rd party
  • Lawyers/Bankers busy and taking time to respond
  • Builders/Construction industry shut down

For Property Owners

  • Tenants/Purchasers keen to settle a deal “ASAP”
  • Key dates pushed into the New Year
  • Needs are more genuine and to be taken seriously

By all means, there are also parties to a transaction that see it as business as usual, and things flow smoothly. Terrific!

Any questions or additions please comment below or send me an email

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