The new you! 2012 Resolutions to add to your list.

Welcome to a new year at work, and to start you off, here are a couple of things to consider to freshen up your business this New Year:

  1. Review operations: Start with the top main things your business does, analyse how/why you do them, then consider them from a client/customer perspective. Ask “why?” a lot.
  2. Management meeting: Brainstorm how to do things better/faster/stronger. Consider technologies that can help you.
  3. Show direction: Provide insight to your staff (maybe your customers too!) where you have come from and want to go and achieve – ideally they’ll want to help strive to achieve them too!
  4. Seek feedback! People have ideas – often good ones – and you need to be receptive and open.
  5. Secure that new office/shop/warehouse premises that optimises and makes aspects of your business more efficient..!

Okay, so I threw in a cheeky plug about searching for commercial real estate at the end there.. Still valid though, and I welcome you to submit any of your new resolutions below :-).

Wishing everyone the best success for 2012!

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