Enter a New Player in Ascot & Hamilton Residential Property

McGrath Real Estate
Agent Mikki Finlay. Source: McGrath.com.au

Agent Mikki Finlay. Source: McGrath.com.au

WEBSITE: http://www.mcgrath.com.au/agent/Mikki-Finlay-/1446


Prestigious Racecourse Rd, (Ascot end) is a new home to McGrath. This area is populated with designer boutiques and services catering to the ‘upmarket’ suburbs of Hamilton, Ascot, Clayfield and surrounds.

A high spec fiout and a crisp clean corporate shop/office welcomes staff and visitors alike.


Mikki Finlay is a name about Brisbane for high end ‘premium’ residential sales across all of Brisbane. She has built a name and reputation by delivering results.

Residential sales & rentals.


Coming Soon.

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