iPhone App Review – Photosynth from Microsoft

Real Estate marketing ads can generate a call or full view (on a website), just from having a great picture.

A point of difference I like to make is using a DSLR – imagine the agent that turns up to list your property and takes pictures with their iPhone.. I’d be saying “Is this temporary? You’re coming back to take proper ones right?!”

Well, there is a time and place to whip out the iPhone Thor, and that’s when people ask for more of an idea about the space, that only a very big bunch of photos can do. Enter – Photosynth!

This app creates cool 360° and panorama shots that you can easily create in just a minute.

Here’s one from my desk in our office I quickly made:

Although the quality isn’t 100% it gives a really good idea quickly and easily – the usual share functions exist to email or share on social media.

Have fun fiddling with it, it’s free too.

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